The new standard for communicating privately.

Encrypted. Decentralized. Open-sourced.


Private Messages

Every message is encrypted with leading asymmetric encryption, specifically NaCl. Read more about the encryption here.

Voice & Video

Communicate with voice & video without the use of any intermediate server that process your data. Data is passed directly between peers.

Unlimited Sharing

Share without looking at the file size. This feature is powered by Bittorrent technology, which is the leading peer-to-peer file sharing protocol

Social Network

Hugin Boards, the next step in the evolution of social media. Instead of likes, you have tips, instead of censorship, you have freedom of speech!


Hugin cannot be taken down or be censored, and most importantly Hugin does not function without you!


Our source code is open for everyone to view and our community is open for anyone interested in contributing.